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Holistic Solutions for Modern Grocery & Retail Management

Most small grocery stores have all the necessary hardware, but they are not interacting with each other, making the business owner spend many hours manually updating scales, reprinting price tags, updating point-of-sale pricing, and more. GRETA™ offers modern, tech-forward store management and POS solutions that bring small to medium-sized businesses up to speed while remaining affordable and accessible.

Products to Make Life Easier & Business More Profitable

Integrative Scales

GRETA™ is integrated with a reliable NTEP-certified scale system to support random weight items. Being fast and easy to use, it’s made to simplify and streamline each transaction, all while being managed 100% in the cloud.

Scale Specifications:

30 lb capacity 0.005 x15, 0.01 x 15-30 lb

Operator display (10.1-inch capacitive touch screen)

Customer display (10.1-inch color screen)

Easy to design and maintain speed keys

Removable printer cassette for easy label change

Fast print at 120mm/second

Supports linerless labels, die-cut labels, and continuous labels

Software: The platform allows you to update the pricing on the scale for all of your scales across multiple locations from anywhere in the world.

Label Printing Station

The GRETA™ label printing station works well for delis and bakeries that need a lot of labels at once. The station is fast and easy to use, supports random weights, and is made of high-quality materials.
Software: You can customize your labels and enter the information and pricing in the platform.

POS Application

The POS application is designed with grocers in mind. The hardware configuration includes a scale, scanner, printer, customer display, and the payment terminal. It’s easy to use for cashiers and improves the checkout experience for the customers.
Software: The platform integrates all of the products into your GRETA™ Digital for easy management from anywhere.

GRETA™ Digital

GRETA™ Digital is where you can log in and check on the status of your store. All the information the GRETA™ system collects is saved in your cloud. You can log in at any time from anywhere and update labels, manage vendors, check inventory, and more.

Cut Testing Capabilities

Cut testing allows butchers to generate a retail price based on cost. This includes yield costing subprimal and receiving animal yield reports.


Through e-commerce, integrated inventory ties to an online store. With direct inventory integration, it’s possible to fulfill orders that were placed online.

Online Digital Signage

GRETA™ offers 100% cloud-based digital signage and advertising. Our designer creates scheduled slideshows and template designs for in-store advertising that matches your brand.

Electronic Shelf Tag

Never replace paper shelf tags again. With electronic shelf tags by GRETA™, you can change the price of a product from the back office of your GRETA™ system in seconds.