Manage Supermarkets with Ease

Cutting Edge System for Grocery Stores

GRETA™ is one of the best grocery store management platforms available on the market for small to medium-sized grocers. As a fully integrated system designed by grocers, for grocers, GRETA™ gives you the power to relieve your key administration pains. Your operations can finally be more streamlined and offer an improved shopping experience – while remaining affordable!

Highlighted Features

Automatic Reports

Streamline your operations and have reports be done automatically, so you never have to export your sales and analyze reports. Vendor management, inventory tracking, and purchase ordering and receiving are all a breeze!

Work 100% in the Cloud

All of your data, loyalty programs, customer information, and more are saved in a cloud-based enterprise management system. The system allows for scalability so that you can manage your devices across all locations from one place.

Label Printing Station

Streamline your label printing operation with a custom label design. The GRETA™ label printing station works fast and supports random-weight objects.

Inventory Management

GRETA™ allows for inventory management through reporting by bin location, tracking purchase orders, and shipping and receiving management. The data from all your business locations are stored in your GRETA™ Digital.


Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Increase store traffic and establish customer retention with easy-to-apply customer loyalty programs and gift card applications. Both are included free with your GRETA™ system.

Vendor Management

Keep track of your store’s vendors in one easy-to-access location. You can manage how many products you have and what products are more or less popular and respond accordingly, saving you money and valuable shelf space.

Invoicing & Record Keeping

With the GRETA™ system, invoicing and record keeping are easy and fast. Gone are the days of manual log books and late nights catching up on spreadsheets.