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POS System for Convenience Stores

When your customers are in a rush, there’s nothing worse than a slow POS system. With a Greta POS system, store owners, managers, and employees can have a more streamlined convenience store, allowing for a better customer experience and increased sales. You have the ability to manage all of your business operations from one system with Greta POS.

How Convenience Stores Benefit from Greta POS

Convenience stores benefit greatly from point of sale digital systems. With the ability to collect information and manage reports in one place, Greta POS provides many benefits.

  • Streamline operations from one place
  • Consistent checkout experience for customers
  • Collect customer information at POS: name, email, phone, products purchased, etc.
  • Reporting by bin location capabilities 
  •  Simplify inventory management and reporting
  • Easy invoicing and record keeping
  • Cloud-based enterprise management 
  • Loyalty programs and gift cards
  • Custom discounts and mix and match promos
  • Lottery ticket reporting
  • Send and receive orders

To learn more about reporting by bin locations and cloud-based enterprise management, visit our FAQs.

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