Manage Gas Stations & General Retail Stores

Integrative Convenience Store Management

Manage all of your business operations and locations from one easy-to-use and affordable system! With a GRETA™ system, you can have a more streamlined convenience store, allowing for a better customer experience and increased sales.

Highlighted Features

Collect Customer Information at POS

Automatically collect a customer’s name, phone number, and preferred products at the point of sale. This helps you to get to know your customers, offer them personalized loyalty programs, and improve their shopping experience!

Consistent Checkout Experience

Customers can count on a consistent checkout experience. With fast scanning and an easy-to-use system, customers can expect the same experience every time they visit the store.

Inventory Management

Inventory management features such as reporting by bin location are useful tools for convenience stores. This helps you track how often an item sells and test if moving a product to a different part of the store will help it sell.

Vendor Management

View your vendors when you log in to GRETA™ Digital and order more products when needed directly. You can see which vendor has the most affordable product that week or order from multiple vendors.

Loyalty Program & Gift Card

Enhance the customer experience with a loyalty program where customers may earn points that can be redeemed for discounts.

Lottery Ticket Reporting

Convenience stores also have to manage lottery ticket reporting. You can easily manage lottery ticket sales without skipping a beat with the GRETA™ system.

Multi-Store Management

If you have more than one convenience store, GRETA™ will fill right in. You can easily streamline your operations and manage your locations from one place.
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