Manage Liquor Stores & Wine Shops

Modern Liquor Store Operations

With GRETA™, you can manage your liquor store operations from one easy-to-use location. GRETA™ provides inventory tracking, vendor management, license scanning technology, and more.

Highlighted Features

Inventory Management

Inventory management features, such as reporting by bin location, allow you to see what products are selling and which are not hitting the mark. You can then move some products around and report if the new location helped to sell the less popular item.

Quick Driver’s License Scan

Another technology that’s especially helpful for liquor stores is the ability to scan driver’s licenses quickly at the point of sale. No mental math is required! The GRETA™ system will alert you if the customer is under or over the legal age in an instant.

Break Packs

With break packs, you can track inventory boxes down to each item inside. You’ll never lose track of any random bottles or cans. Everything will be accounted for in the cloud.

Vendor Management

Liquor stores have a large collection of vendors to keep track of. With the GRETA™ system, you can easily view all your vendors, compare pricing, and place orders when needed.

Work 100% in the Cloud

Spreadsheets and lost documents are a thing of the past. GRETA™ is a tech-forward system that is incredibly easy to use. All reports, vendor information, inventory, and more are saved and organized automatically in the cloud.

Loyalty Program

Reward your regular customers with a loyalty program that automatically applies at checkout. The loyalty program is scalable and can apply at all locations.

Price Batching

Update your pricing, apply mix-and-match promos, and integrate discounts for any product across all of your locations from GRETA™ Digital.

Reporting by Bin Location

Assign a location for a product on a bin or aisle, so it’s easy to track inventory on the shelves and find when you need it.