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Looking for a point of sale terminal that will improve your business’ productivity? Greta POS system is the ideal solution designed by and for grocers and retailers. From state-of-the-art reporting and file management to label printing and scale integration, Greta POS offers all the features you need at an affordable cost.

An All-in-One Solution

Cloud-Based Store Management

With a fully-integrated, cloud-based system, Greta POS offers top-of-the-line market reporting and file management capabilities. Keep track of your business’ operations and access any custom report needed with ease and efficiency.

Optimized Checkout Experience

Ensure a quick and convenient checkout for every customer with easy-to-use touch screens and intuitive functions. Greta POS can reduce employee error and facilitate faster transactions.

Label Printing & Scale Integration

Greta POS is integrated with a reliable scale system to support random weight items and offer label printing. Simplify and streamline each transaction with these helpful, user-friendly features.

Easy Input of Timed Events

Whether you’re offering a limited time sale or discount, Greta POS makes it easy to implement ad specials, mix and match specials, and other discounts that can attract more customers and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is reporting by bin location?

Reporting by bin location is an easy way to track how well something sells. This allows you to know if something sells better on a different shelf or if one product consistently outsells another similar product. This is ideal for small to medium-sized grocery stores and liquor stores because items at these locations have a more significant cost, so managing inventory is especially important.

What is the purpose of cloud-based enterprise management?

With cloud-based enterprise management, you can manage multiple locations from the Greta site, making it easy to access from anywhere. You can manage promos and sales for all locations, update pricing and inventory, manage employees across all locations, and more.

What are break packs?

With break packs, you have the ability to track boxes of inventory down to each individual item inside.

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