Features Rich & Easy to Use!

Administration Tools for Grocers & Retailers

The GRETA™ system is the ideal solution designed by and for grocers and retailers. From state-of-the-art label printing technology and scale integration to file management, GRETA™ offers all the features you need at an affordable cost.

100% Cloud Storage

With a fully-integrated, cloud-based system, GRETA™ allows all your data to be in one place. Keep track of your business operations and access any sales data, customer information, and more easily and efficiently. The cloud allows for scalability so multiple stores can report back to one place and can be organized by store, region, etc.

Label Printing

Streamline label printing operation with custom label design. The GRETA™ label printing station fits random-weight objects and can effortlessly print up to 500,000 labels. The configuration also has a scale to create accurate labels based on the product’s weight.

Scale Integration

Save money with scales that are properly updated and communicate with your other scales for consistency. All information is easily updated in the cloud. The GRETA™ scale is designed for simplification and to make operations more streamlined.

Loyalty Programs

GRETA™ integrates a point-based loyalty program where the customer receives points per product purchased with special discount assignments and a maximum point setup. Loyal customers can accumulate points on purchases that they can use to redeem discounts.

Promos can vary from location to location if you would like.

Gift Card Integration

Gift cards can be sold at the point of sale or used as payment. Activating a gift card for the customer’s requested amount is fast and easy!

Inventory Management

GRETA™ helps to reduce wasted food and money by keeping track of your inventory. With reporting by bin location, purchase order tracking, break packs, and shipping and receiving management, you can easily track your inventory at multiple locations.

Vendor Management

In your GRETA™ Digital, you can view your past sales and purchase products from your list of vendors. The list makes it easy to see pricing from multiple vendors and purchase from the most affordable one.

Consistent Checkout Experience

Ensure every customer has a quick and convenient checkout experience with easy-to-use touch screens and intuitive functions. GRETA™’s point-of-sale features can reduce employee error and facilitate faster transactions.

Online Ordering Integration

GRETA™ has the future in mind while remaining incredibly user-friendly. It easily accepts and manages online orders and updates inventory when orders come in.

Invoicing and Record Keeping

The days of manually filling out spreadsheets are over! GRETA™ intakes all information provided regarding inventory, weights, customer information, vendors, and more and cleanly organizes everything for easy access and filing.

Multi-Store Integration

Manage a multistore framework through GRETA™ from anywhere in the world. Information from all locations will be shared in one cloud where you can oversee operations.

Accounts Payable Management

Manage your accounts payable through GRETA™. Pay out your vendors and place your next order directly from a streamlined location.

Price Batching

With GRETA™, you can change product pricing when needed, apply mix-and-match promos, and integrate discounts. Multi-store integration allows you to manage your pricing at each location individually or update the pricing across all locations at once from your device.

Features at POS

Additional features you can expect at the point of sale are tax override options, EBT payment capabilities, the ability to reprint a receipt, apply discounts, and more.