Where Accuracy & Freshness Matter Most

Top of the Line Meat Market Management

Meat markets can save money on lost inventory due to expirations, save time weighing and labeling products with accurate scales, and make the checkout experience more enjoyable for the customer. With a GRETA™ management system, you can manage your business operations from one simple and affordable place.

Highlighted Features

Scale Integration

Weighing products is part of the process at a meat market. With GRETA™, scale integration for random weight objects is possible, and you can immediately update the pricing directly on the scales so the label prints an accurate price.

Loyalty Program & Gift Card

A loyalty program and gift card application is included in your GRETA™ system. A customer loyalty program increases store traffic and creates positive customer rapport.

Label Printing

GRETA™ offers a fast, high-quality label printing technology. Print up to 500,000 customized labels that accurately reflect the weight and price of specific products.

Record Keeping

Save time and money every week with the GRETA™ system. Save your labels and prices for each product and manage vendor data, so you never overpay or order too much of a product.

Inventory Management

Once scanned, all products are tracked in the GRETA™ cloud. This makes managing inventory easy and keeps perishables like meat and fish fresh.

Better Checkout Experience

Customers benefit from a modern point-of-sale system that’s fast and easy to use. They can also expect more consistency from their favorite products and the best prices available due to your vendor management abilities and top-of-the-line scale.

Automatic Reports

You can expect streamlined operations as you’ve never experienced before. All vendors, inventory, and purchases are managed and stored in the cloud, so you can log in to GRETA™ Digital and read or download the reports as often as you’d like.

Cut-Testing with Traceability

Generate a retail price for your cuts based on cost. This also helps to ensure your products pass the HACCP checklist.

Recipe Costing

Through recipe costing, you have the ability to build recipes into your system and assign cost to them based on each ingredient’s individual cost.